Log Supply

Seasoned log supply in East Sussex

log supply

Seasoned log supply in East Sussex

Need hardwood or softwood logs for your fire place or camping? At Straight Up Trees Ltd, we supply quality logs and wood chips that we source in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner.

log supply for domestic and commercial needs

If you are looking for a regular or one-off supply of seasoned logs and wood chips delivered right to your door step, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you need slow burning hardwood or fast burning softwood, we always have the right type of logs in stock. We are flexible with the quantity of logs we supply so you don’t have to buy more than what you need.
If you need mulch or wood chips, we’ve got it covered too. Contact us if you are looking for seasoned log supply in East Essex, Kent and the surrounding areas.

Types of logs we supply include

  • Oak

  • Ash

  • Chestnut

  • Birch

  • Cherry

  • Hawthorn

  • Softwood (if required)

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Tree surgery and garden services

Our primary expertise is in the field of arboriculture and related services. We offer specialist tree surgery, tree surveys and garden services for both domestic and commercial customers. We have also undertaken numerous projects for the public sector in this field.


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